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VET compliance

With assessment specialists and ex-auditors on our team, we can help you develop an assessment system that works for you and upholds compliance. An assessment system includes not only the materials that enable you to conduct an assessment but also encompasses the policies and procedures and other supporting documents that inform assessment in your business.

Assessment tools

Assessments are a hot topic in the VET sector and developing custom compliant tools is not an easy task – but that is where we really shine! We love nothing better than to get to know your cohort and facilitation methods and develop tools designed just for you.

Did you know that a well designed tool can solve half of your compliance requirements before you have even written an assessment task!

Friendly audits and rectifications

Many providers in the VET sector create assessment tools themselves and that is awesome! If you need assistance in reviewing your tools or are looking for tips on improvements we can do just that.

Lets not forget post audits too – if you are post audit and have rectifications to be made but the task is too big – give us a call.